Danielle Maye, Penny Lee - Blackmailed Head Teacher

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Description: In trouble again for skipping class and “flirting” with the boys again, Penny Lee and Danielle Maye find themselves in the head teachers office. “Come on sir, this is ridiculous we all know there are much more important things to be getting on with, detention is a complete waste of time”The girls decide there must be someway of getting out of this office and back out causing mischief. “Come one here must be some way of sorting his sir” Danielle opens a legs just a little to show off her panties, whilst penny teases the opening of her shirt. “Come one sir you look so stressed, why don’t you release a little” Danielle takes her top of and then tells sir to remove his trousers, telling him it’s a silly little game and he will feel so much better after.Seeing how hard he is, the girls tell him he is going to enjoy this and get him to take out his hard cock and stroke for there tight young bodies. “See we can make a deal”Penny begins to laugh, she can’t hold in anymore she tells he stupid fool, whilst he has been so fixated on Danielle’s panties, she has been filming him. “Don’t you dare stop stroking” He’s going to finish stroking in front of them and everyone will know about his behaviour when young girls are in his office. Are we blackmailing you… Yep and it’s not about to stop any time soon.
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