Madam Asari - Galactic Goddess - Blue Balls For BBC

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Description: Let me tell you something straight up. You and that pathetic thing you claim is a dick DON'T deserve to cum. That's right. I truly believe only alpha cock is allowed to cum, more specifically bbc. Look, we both know you "secretly" crave cock. But how much of a secret is it really? I clearly saw right past you. But, I know you're looking for an outlet for your addiction and craving. I can be that outlet but you must prove you can handle the responsibility. If you can get through my tough teachings and training maybe one day you WILL be lucky enough to service some real black cock. You must show you can listen and take order. So for this video you are only going to edge, no cumming allowed. I want you to know the pain that blue balls brings and for you to know you don't deserve release. But BBC do. I'm going to make you watch BBC service some lucky girls. They all get to cum. You don't. If you do you're gonna have to tribute me a cum tax of $100. Understand? Good. Now let's get to edging.
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