BratPrincess - Alexa - Uses Human Pedicure Chair

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Description: Alexa has just taken a hot bubble bath and the skin on the bottom of her feet is very soft. It is the perfect time to pamper her feet. Alexa sits on her human chair as she gives herself a pedicure. First, she uses a ped egg. Because her skin is so soft from the bath, she is really able to get a lot of the skin off with the ped egg. When the ped egg is full, she dumps the contents into the waiting mouth of her human pedicure chair. Next, Alexa trims her toenails. She puts the toenails directly into the slaves mouth. Then, Alexa uses the slaves face as a pedestal while she paints her toenails. Alexa makes the slave kiss and lick the soles of her feet while the nail polish dries. When all 10 of her toenails are painted, Alexa makes the slave blow on the wet paint so that her nails dry.