Lindsey Leigh - Im So Hot, You Have No Choice

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Description: How could you ever resist me? Even if you wanted to you know that you could not, you would give into your sexual urges. Modeling my fit body is easy in this skimpy bodysuit and high heels. One glance at me and you know that you are attracted to me. This is not just any attraction, this is a control over your body you have never felt before. As I tease you with my hot body and over described sexual fantasies you find yourself giving into me. You now stroke for my wants, at my speed and for my pleasure. I want you to build a huge load for me, one that weighs you down to the floor. Then I want you to give me that orgasm on the plate, so I can serve it back to you. Lick your huge load off my ass and enjoy every drop. Watching you lick your load off my fit body is so arousing and just what I want from you.
Categories: Femdom POV
Pornstars: Lindsey Leigh
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