HumiliationPOV - London Lix - Mean Verbal Abuse That Will Scar You For Life, And Its All True

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Description: You are a complete fuck up, a waste of life. I am going to drum that into your head for today’s little wank session. Because that’s exactly what you are doing to do, aren’t you? You are going to wank off to my verbal abuse. How fucked up is that? But it’s true, and I need to be really fucking verbally abusive if I am going to get your dick throbbing. You just crave my verbal fucking beatdowns. You are just aching for me to flip you off and tell you to fuck off! Are you feeling degraded yet? This is nothing. Sure you are going to endure some verbal abuse today, but it’s going to be verbal abuse that’s going to scar you for life!
Pornstars: London lix