Lindsey Leigh – Long Legs Count You Down

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Description: Tonight I’m going out to dinner with Goddess Charlie. Who knows what kind of trouble two beautiful woman could get into. I do know one thing that will happen, you’ll jerk off non stop to me. You’ll spend your “date night” jerking away to Goddess Lindsey. While Iam out playing with my girlfriends you will trap yourself in your home and jerk off for my legs. You truly have no choice, when I go out, you stay home, those are the rules. Now I want you to stare at these beautiful legs of mine & begin jerking yourself into a frenzy. There we go pump away and give yourself to me. I want u 2 cum for my amazing body and keep jerking the rest of the night away in 3..2..1!
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Pornstars: Lindsey Leigh
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