Miss Honey Barefeet – Worship My Feet With My Lover’s C

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Description: Miss Honey Barefeet – Worship My Feet With My Lover’s Cock Up Your Ass You have a serious obsession with feet & cocks. I know how horny and fucked up you feel when you are looking at my toes. You are feeling week and slutty. Thinking about my lover’s big cock is such a tease for u, isn’t it? And my feet are so tempting, aren’t they? You just can’t help yourself. You are one confused, sick, fucked up freak. I want u on your knees, worshiping my delicious feet. I want you face down, ass up & spread those cheeks. You’re such a lucky anal slut. You are going to learn how to serve both your Mistress & her lover at the same time. You are going to take his cock in your ass as you worship my feet. Inhale me, inhale my feet & get intoxicated by their smell as you take his cock up your ass. You are so depraved. I know you are loving this. Kiss, worship & sniff my feet as you feel his cock sliding in and out of your ass. I am going to make sure he fucks u so hard. You dirty, filthy anal foot slut. Nothing feels better than worshiping my feet and being fucked in the ass. I want u to moan as you kiss my feet and take your Master’s cock in your ass. LOL! That’s it. You like that don’t u? You love feeling that big alpha male cock stretching your ass. You love being such a dirty foot loser, knowing that nothing feels better than serving my feet while offering up your ass, LOL! Your ass is useless unless it is serving my lover’s big dick. But my feet r worth it, just look how weak you are. Everything about my feet makes u so horny. You can barely handle it. Your cock is hard with my feet in your face and my lover’s cock in your ass. You live for this. Get ready 2 take that alpha cock load right up your asshole. You’ll do it 4 my feet, they make you feel so dirty and slutty but you love it. You love being filthy foot slut for my gorgeous toes. Feel his cock pulsating in your ass as u kiss my toes loser. Feel that load filling up your ass, feel how dirty you’ve become. My toes addict you, that make your mind blank so that u’ll do whatever I want. You’ll get so nasty 4 me. – Miss Honey Barefeet
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