Mina Thorne - Pitiful Cucky with Princess Lyne

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Description: Tonight could be a very special night. Two beauties in bed before you, teasing you with their perfect bodies, motioning towards the large king size bed. However, you should know you are already in over your head, and you don’t stand a chance with these two. Princess Lyne and Mina Thorne inform you it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting laid tonight, tomorrow, or ever. What they crave is a real man with a real cock, that can satisfy them in ways your shrimp dick never could. As they go into detail what they desire from their studs, they can see your humiliation is turning you on. Seems they have made a cuckold out of you, and frankly just to get close you are willing to give up more and more aren’t you? What do these two have in store for you?