Anya Olsen, Ashley Fires, Lux Orchid – Best Break Up Therapy EVER

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Description: Its been almost a year since Lance got dumped. He cant get over his ex, Lux Orchid. Hes seeing a great girl now. Everything is awesome about Anya Olsen. He loves her, but he cant stop thinking about Lux, so he reached out to Ashley Fires. Dr Fires is the best there is a aggressive break up recovery Ashley Fires methods are unorthodox. She tracked down Lances ex and used her amazing psychology powers to get her in a deep meditative state. She can pull her in an out of it simply by snapping her fingers. When in this state, Lux follows all orders. When Dr Fires snaps her fingers again, Lux snaps out of it and is suddenly fully aware of what is going on again Lance is in a typical therapy session when Dr Fires tells him the plan. She has Anya, his new girlfriend waiting in another room. She calls Anya in, who is more than enthusiastic about helping her lover with his mental health. Anya is a real keeper. She says, Baby, we just need to fuck in front of your ex-girlfriend Dr Fires summons his ex. When Lux walks in, Lance is scared. He hasnt talked to her since she dumped him. This is very stressful. But he quickly realizes that she is in some sort of mediative state. Anya aggressively pulls his clothes off and starts sucking his dick right in front of Lux and Dr Fires. She clearly gets off on driving her lovers ex madly jealous. While L
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