JerkyGirls - Trish and Kaci in Sibling Rivalry

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Description: THESE TWO SISTERS GO ON JERKY GIRLS TV TO SETTLE A DISPUTE!! WHICH SISTER CAN MAKE A BOY SQUIRT FASTER??? UNFORTUNATELY FOR OLDER SISTER TRISH….. HER YOUNGER SISTER KACI WINS THE RACE!!! ! KACI FORCES A MASSIVE, MASSIVE SQUIRT!!!! These two Jerky Sisters have been feuding for a long time. Each one believes that they can Jerk-Off a boy faster than the other. They have decided to settle their dispute on a Live Episode of Jerky Girls TV!!!! Candice is the Host/Referee…and once and for all….Trish and Her Younger sister Kaci….will see who can claim bragging rights!! Candice starts the show….”Ok Girls….oil up your stupid boys……..On your Mark….Get Set….JERK!!!” Both Sisters begin to Jerk their stupid boy furiously….trying to Force a squirt, as soon as possible. Both Kaci & Trish immediately cover the mouths of the stupid boys….they know that boys should NOT speak. To the disappointment of Older Sister Trish…it’s Her younger Sibling, Kaci that makes Her stupid boy Squirt First. We must point out too….(Kaci insisted…)…..that the Squirt Kaci Forced…was not only FAST….it was MASSIVE!!!!!!!
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