PureCFNM – Cate Harrington, Masie Dee, Rachel – Barbeque Hoopla

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Description: Cate is sunbathing naked on the roof terrace when Rachel walks in with her boyfriend. He gets a nice look at her young naked body before she realises he is there and covers up in shock. Paul is made to cook the barbeque while the girls play silly games including hoopla with a replica penis. Unfortunately Masie isn’t very good and thinks it’s because the target is too small. So Rachel decides to fix that by using her boyfriend! Paul is very reluctant but she doesn’t take no for an answer and soon has him stripped off so she can show the girls how big his cock is. The girls have a good feel and get it hard so they can play hoopla with the real thing but soon forget their game and just want to wank and suck the beautiful cock. They take turns sucking his cock and balls before he erupts all over himself.
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