FemdomEmpire - Yasmin Scott - Doggie Boot Camp

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Description: Doggie Boot Camp (n) : A correctional facility that uses training and behavior modification techniques to teach disobedient specimens socially acceptable patterns of behavior. Mistress Yasmin’s slave can’t seem to follow instructions or complete any given tasks and is officially demoted from human to pup. A few months spent in Doggie Boot Camp is exactly what this unruly specimen needs to be transformed into a proper and obedient pet. Mistress Yasmin is a very strict and experienced pet trainer who knows just how to put the new bitch in his place. Once he is successfully trained into the perfect pup by using cruel and torturous methods he will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. He better shape up quickly as Yasmin already has a few sadistic Masters wanting to purchase the beast if he can’t learn to be a good bitch-boy.
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