Brat Princess - Goddess Amadahy, Kendall, Noe - Human Couch Smothered by Butts 2

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Description: Amadahy teaches Noe how to scissor the slave they’ve been using as a human couch. Kendall explains that this is what she and Amadahy do after cheer all the time. Its a fun workout for Princesses thighs. Plus, a Princess always feels very in control with her powerful legs wrapped around a losers neck. Noe scissors a slave for her first time. It makes Noes butt look great! All the Princesses admire Noes butt when she flexes her legs around the slaves neck. The slave makes some stupid, ugly, sounds. Amadahy sits full weight on the losers face while Noe scissors him. They work together as a team to make the slave pass out in their beautiful Princess asses.
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