Ashley Alban - Ash Gets Ready for her Date

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Description: Your best friend Ashley calls you frantically and asks if you can come over to her place right away to help her with something. You rush over and she is wearing a bathrobe with her makeup done. She thanks you for coming and explains that she has a date tonight, and she wants to wear something sexy but she’s not quite sure what she should choose. She asks if she can show you a few options so you can help her decide. This isn’t exactly what you expected when you walked in, but you’re still willing to see her in some sexy dresses. Ash goes into her closet to put on the first dress. It’s super tight and super short. You say that you like it, but she says that it feels like the dress would ride up constantly. She walks around, sits, and bends over, and sure enough, her buttcheeks start to pop out of the dress. Ashley decides it’s a no-go and tries on another dress. This one isn’t as tight, but it rides up even more. Ashley walks around and jiggles her butt and the dress immediately doesn’t cover her ass anymore. She completely gives up on changing in the closet and just strips down to a thong in front of you. Ashley tries on a couple more before deciding on the last dress. Once she has her outfit planned out she tells you how excited she is for her date. She says that they’ll probably have sex tonight and Ash is so excited since she hasn’t found anyone she wanted to fuck in so long. You say that you’re excited for her, and you were happy to help her pick a dress. But you think to yourself that you wish she wanted to fuck you instead. Maybe one day
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