Goddess Kyaa - Bare Feet Breaking Out of My Pantyhose

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Duration: 6:34 Views: 5 247 Submitted: 12 months ago Submitted by:
Description: My feet demand your worship and adoration. Restrained in my high heels and pantyhose, they need to be the focus of your attention. I know how weak my bare soles, wiggling bare toes and sensual arches make you. Off go my high heels, each one dangling from my pointed toes then dropping to the floor as I mock your growing arousal and disgusting foot fetish. My pantyhose take a bit more time, but soon my toes break through the sheer fabric. I hold on to the pantyhose with my hands and pull while my feet push. One by one, each foot rips and tears out of the hose. Then, with my bare feet free to be worshiped, I flex and point my toes, curling them to make my soles wrinkle and tease with my arches. It renders you utterly helpless, you will not have a chance now. Worship my bare feet, footboy! My feet that deserve more than you could ever offer, feet that will take everything from you.
Categories: Femdom POV JOI