Princess Amai – You’ve Tried To Quit Yet Here You Are A

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Description: Here u r, back to jerk off again to this site. Every day, day after day, u find yourself back doing the same thing. You can’t help it. Your mind is so fucked, u r addicted to loser jerkoff porn. You have sooooo many options of things 2 jerk off to on the internet yet you constantly find yourself back here, over and over again. You could be watching hot lesbian porn or some stud fucking some hot girl on all fours, but no, u find yourself drawn back here.What is it about loser jerkoff porn that u can’t stay away from? You click and click over & over again, no one is making you do this. You must be a loser. I am sure real men aren’t into this kind of thing, in fact, I know they don’t. When I tell my real men about this, they fucking laugh & can’t believe it even exists!But your brain isn’t wired right. Normal men are wired 2 get off to a hot girl sucking on a big cock. But that wouldn’t get u off, would it? No, you need girls verbally abusing u & making you do fucked up and degrading things in order 2 get off. But the fucked up part is that we are not really making u do anything. We didn’t tell u 2 come here. We didn’t make u join this site, well not initially. Now you are addicted but what brought u here in the first place? You did, so you have no one to blame but yourself.You have a weak minded addictive personality. So u can’t help but give in over and over again. You can’t deny what u r. Even if you tried, these urges would always return, they’ve been hard wired into your brain. I know you’ve quit this site so many times, yet here u r again. Face it, you need this fucked up, twisted $.h.!.t.. in order to get off. You can’t live without it. Admit it, this gives your life purpose. You need what we give 2 u. So just let yourself go, let us degrade you in the worst ways imaginable, because you Need it loser. Your sick, twisted perverted mind won’t leave you alone until u do. You are an addict, face it loser, you are fucked! Click, click, click, subscribe again, u know you want to & we know u eventually will. LOL! - Princess Amai
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