Natasha's Bedroom – Train That Asshole

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Description: Do you know what I want to see you do? I want to see you bend over and get fucked in your tight asshole by a nice big cock. Drilled open, pounded hard, and filled with cock. I want to see that hole gaped wide and dripping with cum. It’s just so hot to see a man violated in the most intense way possible.It’s time to get your asshole in shape. If you’re going to get pounded hard by big dicks, you’ll need to be properly trained first. You’ll need to learn how to love the deep, intense sensation of being anally penetrated. We’ll start out with some gentle fingering, gently adding one finger at a time until you’re nice and stretched out. And then the real fun will begin. You’ll plunge a big dildo into your little hole, imagining that it was a cock tearing you open. You won’t be allowed to touch your cock for even a second in this clip; you’ll be coming only from anal stimulation. Fuck that ass hard until a big prostate orgasm forces your body to shudder with pleasure, and then slowly pull out that dildo. Show me that gape.
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