Goddess Alexandra Snow - Bend Over Boyfriend

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Description: Hey sweetie, can we talk for a minute? I really need to get something off my chest. One of my girlfriends told me about this new thing she's been doing with her husband and how it's really changed their sex lives. I've been doing some reading, watching videos, and now I'm OBSESSED with doing it. Are you curious yet? Oh honey, I'm dying to try anal strap-on sex with you. I even went out and got a little surprise.. want to see? Oh yes, this big... black... cock is all for you! Isn't it amazing? It makes me feel so powerful, so aroused.. I can't wait to shove this into your little backdoor. One of the websites I was reading said that the best lube for strap-on fucking is actually lube, so you're going to jerk off for me right into my hand here and then I'm going to use it to bend you over and give you a pounding.I can't wait to cum while I fuck you from behind. What a feeling!
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