Club Stiletto - Princess Skylar - Studs, Slaves and Vibrators

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Description: “I am on top of the world right now” exclaims sexy Princess Skylar, as the scene opens. “I have slaves for everything – cuckold slaves, foot slaves, cum eating slaves, AB slaves who like to nurse on my beautiful breasts, slaves who lick my armpits, slaves who will do everything I demand of them.” She explains that she also has multiple male lovers, some she even submits 2. She is a true Princess in every sense of the word. Today, however, she wants some alone time and that is where her high powered vibrator comes into play. It keeps her constantly aroused while she thinks of the hot things she does with her lovers and the nasty stuff her slaves do for her. She reaches down & touches herself. She turns the vibrator on and begins by rubbing it over her panties. You can see she’s getting very aroused & she decides to take her panties off. Now you can imagine you’re a fly in the room while she gets lost in her own pleasure. As she runs the toy over her lips and clit she starts 2 sigh and moan. So hot! Her breathing gets heavier and heavier until she screams out with pleasure. She turns the vibrator off and says “Hmmm, who should I’ve over, a boyfriend or a slave?”
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