istress Iside – A Bitch With Voracious Mouth

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Duration: 14:40 Views: 2 375 Submitted: 12 months ago Submitted by:
Description: This bitch has not yet learned the proper table manners; she does not understand that she needs to eat slowly, that she must not speak with her mouth full and, even more important, she must not gobble up with junk food before lunch. Quite clearly, up to now, nobody has taught her these simple behavior rules. Ludmila is really a greedy bitch and, for that, she deserves a punishment that she`ll remember for a long time. Bound upside down on the cross, I am gonna to fuck her mouth with my number 39 foot so harshily, that she`ll throw up everyhing. I’m gonna push my foot down her throat, until she chokes in her on vomit. I am sure that, after this hard lesson, she`ll not be able to open her fucked mouth for weeks!
Categories: Foot Fetish