British Bratz - Secretarys's Foot Torment

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Description: Miss Danni Maye has come into the office early, she has asked for a meeting with you her Boss. She knows your a perv and she now has the proof she needs, all the hours she has spent out of her contract has come in handy and she is about to turn the tables on you, getting everything she wants or else. She enjoys taunting and teasing you threatening to expose your fetish lifestyle... You might think she is crazy that she wants to be promoted to Managing Director with the 5x pay rise but she also thinks that your colleagues will think you are crazy when she outs you for your serious obsession with feet. She has noticed in the recent weeks that you have been paying particular attention to her own feet, knowing just how weak you would be with one glimpse of her soles she teases you further. As she peels her heels off to reveal her soles she immediately notices the look on your face. She wants to cut a deal with you, she has the paper work all written up. All you need to do is sign on the dotted line for her promotion to Managing Director and for you to be her official foot bitch. What would you do for one sniff her perfect feet? Would you sign it all over for your secret addiction to be kept at bay? Can you resist temptation? Probably not, so sign away and get your snout buried between your NEW managing directors soles.
Categories: Femdom POV Foot Fetish