Humiliation POV – Goddess Alexa – Jerk To Your Dream Girl Who Doesn’t Give A Fuck About You

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Description: Look at me, look at how perfect I am. I am everything a man could ever want. I have a perfect body, the sexiest face ever. I know I’m your dream girl. I know that when you jerk your cock at night and you think of the most perfect girl out there, the girl you think about, is me. You jerk to me, wishing you could fuck me. But instead, you’re jerking to a girl who doesn’t give a fuck about you. You’re jerking your dick, thinking about a girl you will never have sex with. I’m way too good for you, and that turns you on, so you stroke your dick to me all night long. Real men, they don’t dream about fucking girls like me. No, they make it happen. They do it. But you, the fucking little loser that you are, you have to dream about it, you have to sit at home at night jerking and wishing that you were good enough. Honestly that is so sad. You must feel so pathetic knowing you will never be good enough. And that’s why you jerk to me all night long, because you’re too pathetic for me to ever want to fuck you. The only reason I even pay attention to you is because you pay me, is because you paid for this clip. You’re not even paying for sex, just for some attention. That’s pretty sad. You’re that much a stupid fucking loser. And even your money doesn’t make you all that interesting to me. I’d probably just take your money and ignore you. I have no need to waste my fucking time with a disgusting fucking pig freak like you. You’re just a waste of fucking space loser. And I’m the girl of your dreams and even though I can’t fucking stand you, you’ll still pay for my attention. You will never be good enough for me, ever. So what I want you to do is to keep jerking your loser dick to me every night, dream about me. This is the best you’ll ever get, jerking to me, night after night. And do you know why I want you to dream about me every time you jerk your fucking dick? Because when you are, I know you’re watching one of my clips, I know you’re buying them, being an addicted little fucking freak loser. I know that I’m going to get more and more of your hard earned cash, every single night that you sit there and jerk away your pathetic existence. It makes me really happy to know that you’ll be jerking your life and your cash away, right into the palm of my hand. At least you’re good for something, right? So go ahead, jerk some more, I’m going to completely own your fucking life. I’m all you need anyway. So go on, get more addicted and jerk your fucking life away loser.
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