Vindictive Vixxen – Ruined in to your mouth

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Description: “Please make me stroke to your beautiful body and remind me that I will never get to fuck someone like you. Make it clear that the only reason you pay attention to me at all is because I pay you and you find it very amusing that I will do exactly what you tell me to do. Please proceed to edging me over and over for your amusement making me stop at the last second every time. Let me know that the only way that you will let me cum in your presence today is if I beg to ruin my orgasm directly into my mouth for you while fingering my ass.. Please make me stroke hard and fast to your beautiful legs and ass, taunt me with your beautiful eyes.. Patiently explain to me that a powerful woman like you would never let a cum eating little bitch ever touch you. Tease me with your panties and ask me to imagine what it would be like to take my tiny penis and put it inside a powerful Mistress like you. Then near the end make me get into a position that forces me to aim my cock directly at my mouth and make me begin to stroke for you. Make me beg to cum directly into my mouth for your sheer amusement. Make me stroke faster and faster. Count me down and make me have at least 3 seconds between the end of stroking and my “squirt”. When I do you remind me that is my only reason for being. To amuse you. TY”
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