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Description: You hired me to work in your office. At first you thought it was great to have an attractive girl walking around daily in short skirts, pantyhose, tight blouses and always looking sexy. You thought how great you had the company writing my pay checks and you got to benefit from it. Every day during or after work you find yourself jerking off to the hot office girl. I know that really gets you going. Well no more! You remember the last company picnic when you introduced me to the CEO and your bosses? Well I had a little talk with them and they believe I would be better fit for your position. I mean can you blame them? They wanna see me at every business meeting looking fabulous. So we all decided that you must be terminated so I can fill your position. No more jerking off like a pervert in your office. No more bossing me around. I am the boss now! Gather your pictures of your wife and cat and get out.
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Pornstars: Lindsey Leigh