Enchantress Sahrye - Hypn0 Therapist Reinforces Your Chronic Masturbation Addiction

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Description: Enchantress Sahrye – Hyp n0 Therapist Reinforces Your Chronic Masturbation Addiction So you are here today because of chronic masturbation. I understand how this can be an issue 4 u. And I have the ideal method 2 battle this problem. We’re going to use some hyp n0 therapy n learn what the underlying cause of this is, and then we are going to apply a unique method to help u manage your chronic masturbation. So sit back and relax as I use some deep relaxation techniques 2 take you deep under hyp n0 s!s.Listen 2 the sound of my voice, allow my voice to wash over u. Feel yourself begin to relax, let all of your tension go. Allow my sweet voice to take you deeper & deeper. Feel your eyelids getting heavier. Let your mind slip away. Your mind is empty now, a blank slate as u fall deeper into your subconscious mind. Now let my words implant themselves in your brain..I know you can’t stop jerking off. It is pathetic how much you love to jerk your teeny tiny insignificant cock. But I want you jerking it all the time, even more than you have been. You are going to masturbate whenever and wherever you can. You are going to masturbate at home, at work, in public bathrooms, in your car. You are going to stroke your little penis all the time. I want u masturbating all the time because you are a chronic masturbator and that’s what chronic masturbators do. Jerkoffs like you jerk off their little dicks all the time. You will constantly be hard and horny & you’ll constantly jerk it.You are going to jerk, jerk, jerk. You are not going to be able to stop. The compulsion will be overwhelming. You will stroke it up & down all day long. I know you came to be to be cured of your chronic masturbation. And I’ll charge you every single time and I will tell you that you need to come see me twice a week, every week. But only so I can reinforce your addiction while under my hyp n0 s!s. You will have no idea what I am doing to you but you feel compelled to come back over and over again as you feel your chronic masturbation getting worse. And I will continue to implant in your mind this need to continuously jerk off.When I snap my fingers, you will awaken and you’ll have no recollection of what has just transpired. But you will feel the constant need to jerk your dick. You will need quite a few more sessions, don’t u agree?– Enchantress Sahrye
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