Princess Lyne - Cum to armpits

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Description: This time I am allowing you to cum to Me, but I am adding in some extra humiliation. I start off by allowing you to worship My whole body, but your hands must remain in the air. If you want to jerk off to Me, then you will do it only when I allow. I tease you with My ass in these shiny pants as I remind you over and over how far below Me you are. Your hands remain in the air, NO JERKING YET!! In the last custom clip you bought ( "Unworthy Ass Addict" ), I didn't even allow you to cum. But this time it's different... you may cum to Me, but only as you stare at My armpits, you pathetic little bitch!! Now you will learn, as you orgasm to My armpits, how far below Me you REALLY are!
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