Princess Lexie – Death Grip

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Description: De4th Grip. Maybe you've heard of it? It's the tragic result of excessive masturbation with too tight of a grip. It can get so bad that men with unrestrained jerk-off habits develop erectile dysfunction and can only stay hard while they're getting themselves off. Sounds familiar, huh? Yeah, I know how much you love wanking your dick to Me and My clips. So I think I'm just going to encourage your nasty little habit. That's right, I want you to jerk-off even FASTER and HARDER for Me! I want it to get so bad that the only way you can cum is by jerking your dick to Me! Shouldn't be too're already well on your way to a debilitating case of de4th grip.
Categories: Femdom POV JOI
Pornstars: Princess Lexie