Mistress Chanel Preston dominates her plaything Dahlia Sky

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Description: Chanel Preston is a sexy and man woman. She's a stunning mistress who loves being in charge. The she gonna act in this video will make you cum not once, mark my words. Lying in her back with her legs wide open, Chanel pushes her sexy slave Dahlia's head against her wet and hairy pussy, ordering her sex slave lick her twat. Submissive Dahlia obediently opens her mouth and polishes Chanel's coochie with her tongue. Dahlia gives an amazing cunnilingus to her mistress before the main punishment begins. Blondie lies in bed on her back while Chanel attaches cloth pins all over Dahlia's stomach. Blond slave screams with pain out loud as Chanel pulls all the pins off at once, causing unbearable pain by that. Crying Dahlia ends up being locked in cage, disgraced and humiliated...
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