Princess Ellie Idol – Ellie’s Mesmerizing Sensual JOI

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Description: Turn off your lights, put on some headphones, and relax with me. You find yourself staring deep into my eyes… You are burning with desire… Allow yourself to be open to the words I speak so that I can take control of your mind. You are open to my influence now. Your veins r pulsing, pumping away… You are throbbing for me. Your cock is affected by my words and visuals. My breasts draw you in…your body tingles with desire. You are aroused and yet still relaxed. Do you feel that pleasantness across your skin? Your hand gravitates toward your dick and soon your pleasure will be heightened. Place your hand on it and touch… I’ll be your Goddess instructor…and you? My weak, horny little puppet.
Pornstars: Princess Ellie Idol