Clubdom – Qandisa and Amadhy Ball Burn

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Description: Description: Amadahy has found her slave still strung up outside from the night before. She was sure another Mistress had put him away in the cage, but here he was, all night, standing and tethered by the whipping post. She lights up a cigarette and looks him over. She demands that he open up his trash receptacle of a mouth and eat her ashes and thank her. He does as he is told. She spits at him, and looks him over some more. Today is the day that she begins his ball stretching. More smoke is blown in his face and ashes eaten until she decides to grab some heavy weights to tether to his balls. "3 more months of ball stretching" she says as she measures how far she expects to stretch him. She doesn't stop there.
Categories: Femdom BDSM