BratPrincess – Goddess Amadahy, Edyn, Mia – Now You Cant Close Your Legs – Ballbusting

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Duration: 7:33 Views: 6 300 Submitted: 10 months ago Submitted by:
Description: The Ballbusting slave keeps trying to close it legs. That’s no fair! This is what it gets: Amadahy, Edyn and Mia rig up a system so that the kick bag cannot block. Amadahy ties the rope and Edyn pulls it tight while Mia comes in for a series of good hard kicks. The system works perfectly! Try as it might, the slave cannot close its legs and must take every full force kick direct to its testicles. Amadahy gives it a go next in her tall leather boots. Her kicks are always brutal, but they are especially hard and relentless in this clip. Edyn takes her turn at kicking next. Edyn is quite the powerhouse with her muscular legs. The Princesses start a pretty intense section of dick slapping. Then, they run a punching train on it. They stand in a circle around the slave and take turns hitting it. The combo of punching, slapping and kicking really does the slave in. He can’t stop screaming and the Princesses are all smiles.
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