Supergirls Vs Males – Mistress Mira, Rea, Roberta – Illegal Betting 3 Supergirls Vs The Amazing Cuckoldman

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Description: After winning all the challenges, now the Amazing Cuckoldman must challenge in mixed fighting. But he is too cocky to do it, so he challenges back: ‘I want to wrestle 3 female wrestlers at the same time!’. Challenge accepted, so Mira, Rea and Roberta take place in the tatami against the Cuckoldman. Of course all this is a joke for the girls, they are very skilled fighters and this is annoying for them to be treated like weak little girls from this asshole. So they wrestle him and they not only defeat him, but make him suffer! After some minutes, Mira doesn’t even want to continue this parody, so she leaves the two sisters alone to have some fun wrestling the Cuckoldman! Of course the two Supergirls defeat easy the cocky veteran and they humiliate him under their feet doing victory poses! At the end the Cuckoldman admits their superiority, bowing down and kissing their feet with respect!
Categories: Femdom