WrestlingMonica – Dia Zerva – Dia Zerva Dominates!

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Description: Andrew should know better than to tease an expert wrestler like Dia Zerva. She takes him down fast and submits him. She puts him across her shoulders and bounces him around in a backbreaker (she’s strong!). Then it’s back to the mats as Dia really takes him apart. Dia has some fantastic moves and she uses them to put a real hurting on Andrew. His screams are 100% real as she punishes him in headscissors, wristlocks, grapevines, shoulderlocks – and combinations of them! She even forces him to kiss and worship her feet. Then she finishes him in a sleeper and bodylock before hitting a victory pose and strolling away. Andrew knows he’s been crushed, squeezed and broken by an expert. Unmissable!
Categories: Femdom Sissy Porn