Goddess Alexandra Snow – Hand smother Assassins with Miss Kelle

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Description: A video from the archive that has been upconverted and restored! Kelle and I are gloved assassins with another victim in our grasp. We explain that we want a trophy from his cock.. One last orgasm. He resists, knowing that as soon as we let him cum it will be the end of him. I taunt him with my gloved hands, pressing them over his face and mouth as Kelle jerks his exposed cock. He struggles.. the lack of air causing him to begin to lose some of the erection. I get tired of waiting and decide to end him without our trophy. I want to feel him expire beneath me. I pinch his nose and cover his mouth with my hands and feel him struggle as he begins to fade.No matter how hard he struggles, he can’t get a breath.. and finally meets his end.

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