Miss London Lix - Catwoman and The Rookie Hero

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Description: I’m a super villainess programming explosives in a hotel room when you sneak up on me and catch me red handed. I am surprisingly calm about having been caught, and my sexy confidence is unnerving…or perhaps it’s my skin tight latex catsuit, corset and cleavage which are distracting you. Either way, u have missed your chance to strike and now we’re in this stand off. You find yourself becoming more and more seduced by my curves, allowing me to get up close…when I blow poison right in your face! Rookie move by a rookie hero! You are knocked out & come round to find yourself bound & helpless. Catwoman has plans for you…she wants you to work for her, and has no doubt that you’ll join her in her quest for evil…
Categories: Femdom POV
Pornstars: London lix