SubbyHubby - Harlow Harrison - Harlows Role Reversal

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Description: Harlow is frustrated with her lover’s tiny cock and is unsatisfied. Masturbating to satisfy herself, he walks in on her and is upset, saying he has all of the cock she will ever need. Harlow finally says it for the very first time “YOU ARE TOO SMALL!” Out of frustration, she decides she has had enough and turns the tables on him. “Role reversal time, you’re the bitch!” she says in his face. Harlow applies lipstick on her new bitch boyfriend and treats him like the pathetic small-dicked loser he is. She asks him if he wants to see a real dick inside her as she teases him with her pussy, making him taste it off of a dildo. He isn’t sure he will even get to feel her pussy again. She is in charge now. Harlow Harrison is on to phase two of her role reversal between her and her pathetic, small dicked loser boyfriend who cannot satisfy her. Here she is making him worship her feet just like the pathetic bitch he is, on his knees. He instructs him on how to worship them throughout the entire time, dominantly and with authority. He feels so pathetic worshipping her feet when he really wants to fuck her but he must do as she says. She commands him to open up wide and she shoves all of her toes inside his mouth until he gags. She seems to enjoy doing this to him as she does it again and again with a sexy grin. Harlow now has her pathetic boyfriend locked up in a chastity device where he belongs. She teases him, makes fun of how small his dick is, that it can barely even fill up the already small device.
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