Goddess Alexandra Snow - High School Flashback

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Description: You find yourself in the midst of a daydream.. And for some reason, your mind wanders back to your first serious girlfriend. It was after graduation and she had been leading you on SO HARD about having sex for the first time, making you wait so long that you thought you’d burst. You remember how she said the day had finally com and that she tied you to a chair with silk scarves. She hovered above you in a beautiful blue bikini, teasing you with her body.. and told you that she knew you were a virgin. You were embarassed but she seemed excited as she rubbed her breasts against your face, commenting about how your cock was twitching in your shorts. Her teasing continues, harder and harder, until she finally rubs her ass against your cock– and you CUM right there! Still in your pants! She looks horrified at first, then devious.. she knew what she was doing. She knew you couldn’t last and she giggles as she leaves you tied to the chair with a wet spot spreading over your shorts. Fans of my “sweet” teasing and humiliation will be crazy for this one.
Pornstars: Alexandra Snow