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Description: Hey ass and Leg lovers, I know you appreciate soft, healthy ass instead of a super skinny bony one… And that goes double for girls in shiny hot pants. I swear these yoga pants and leggings were made to mesmerise you and make you drool, lol. I think I will take my sweet time showing you some full body shots of me walking and posing so you can just imagine me walking up to you in real life. What would you imagine me saying to you??? What would you say to me if you saw me walking up to you? Then I think I will give you some close mid-range camrea shots of me bending and caressing my legs… Perhaps you are stroking your self and imagining seeing me out in public bending over. If that was real you would probably run over to me and beg to kiss my foot or beg to hand over all the cash in your wallet to me, lol. Let’s not forget about the super close up ASS IN YOU FACEshots, lol. You need this ass right in your face so bad you can feel it pressing against you right now. lol. And now that I have you all worked up I am going to sit down and cross my legs to give you my personal email address. Yes, My timing is perfect… you are under my control now that your cock is desperate for these legs and this ass. I know your brain gets so demented at times like this and I cant wait to get the crazy emails that you are going to type to me with one hand. lol. But if you want me to actually READ it you should really use that email to search amazon for my wishlist and get me a gift! (no gift = not much chance of a reply! lol)