Violet Doll - Teaching You to Jerk – Part 2

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Description: Hello My jerkaholic. Have you been stroking like a good boy? Did you practice everything I taught you? It’s time for Lesson 2. I want you to show Me what you’ve learned. First pull out your dick. Mmm there it is stiff and ready. Sit on your hands again while I tease you. I know you’re eager to stroke for Me, but you must show a little restraint. Now I have My anatomy model, so you can jerk it exactly how I jerk it. I’ll keep you edging for a while longer, to be sure you’re truly ready for release. Do everything I say, prove to Me you’ve done your homework, and I’ll finally allow you to blow your load.
Categories: Big Tits Femdom POV JOI
Pornstars: Violet Doll
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