Violet Doll - Beat it Raw

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Duration: 17:04 Views: 8 267 Submitted: 11 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Have you been a good boy lately? Probably not. I'm giving you permission to jerk off anyway, but it's gonna hurt.You're gonna beat it raw for Me. No lube allowed, no spit. Dry stroking only. And you can't cum until your cock hurts. Rub it until the skin is red and chafed, burning from friction.Watch this clip over and over and over. The moment it's too irritated to touch, is the moment I'll allow you to cum. I don't care if it takes all night. Beat it fucking raw for Me.Does this sound like too much effort? Awww poor baby. Man up and start beating that dick.
Categories: Femdom Femdom POV
Pornstars: Violet Doll