Wankitnow - Honour May “Can You Please?”

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Duration: 11:17 Views: 3 785 Submitted: 12 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Bossy stable mistress Honour May is not happy with your workload, but she is willing to give you another chance as stable-hand if you follow her precise instructions...the first thing she orders you to do is get your COCK out! It's clear she's got a slightly warped mind as she demands that you WANK in front of her...the spoiled little bitch orders you to carry on JERKING as she strips out of her riding gear, instructing you aggressively how she wants you to stroke your now throbbing DICK...once she's had enough of you she demands that you SPUNK for her...hopefully from now on she will be satisfied with what you do around the yard!
Categories: Femdom POV
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