Lindsey Leigh - You Stupid man

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Description: Hi you helpless dick jerker, or should I just call you a man? You are all so selfish, just selfish dick jerkers. How you get anything done in your life without me telling you what to do in my lingerie I have no idea. It must be awful to be at work and think about how gorgeous I am, how you can not resist me. Get on your knees and beg me to jerk. I know you want to masturbate for a hot girl, go ahead do it. Does it make you sad that you have to masturbate and you can't have who ever you want? You men are so easy and predictable, get you hot and bothered and you would get on your knees and jerk off with no contact at all. Pathetic. You just love playing and jerking that cock of yours for a sexy lady in lingerie. I bet you want me to count you down until you are begging me to cum. Your mind riddled with all the thoughts Ive placed in there. Keep jerking faster, prove to me everything I said is right. Go ahead. Be my jerk victim.
Categories: Femdom POV
Pornstars: Lindsey Leigh
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