Panic Lovers - Vicky - Scissor KO’s and Facesitting

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Duration: 9:34 Views: 6 497 Submitted: 12 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Vicky says: This time I torture my slave on the bed, he gets a lot of full pressure scissors, causing serious amount of pain for his little neck, and a couple times sending him to dreamland as well. My slave said that I`ve the strongest legs he has ever been scissored by, and that when I go full pressure it feels like his neck is just about to break. Well, it’s good news for me, as I love hurting him, watching his face turning different shades of red and purple in my full pressure front scissors, etc. I also sit full weight on his face making his nose almost break in my cheeks, smothering him a bit for fun :) Enjoy… Please note that light conditions are not the best at some points of the video!
Categories: Femdom