Merciless Dominas - Yes Mistress Nikky

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Duration: 12:41 Views: 4 645 Submitted: 12 months ago Submitted by:
Description: If you have seen any of the previous clips with Mistress Nikky French, you will know that she is a rather tough Mistress that do just as she please. She never holds back and take the slave to their absolute limits. This is first experience for slave Rob 2504, a normally hard army guy. Mistress Nikky starts showing who is in control and issue slave Rob 2504 with some hard face slapping. She also practice some nipple torture that almost makes slave Rob 2504 cry. Should her slave also have some pleasure? Well Mistress Nikky plays a little with his cock until he almost come, but also just almost. A though French Mistress for the slaves. Maybe you should book a private session with Mistress Nikky French?
Categories: Femdom
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