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Description: Johan has always fantasized about being fucked up the ass by a woman and today his mistress is going to take his anal virginity. She begins by stroking his dick to get him excited and then bends him over and inserts a finger into his bumhole. As he gets used to it she inserts a second finger and begins slowly finger fucking his ass. Johan is enjoying it now and his mistress flips him upside down on the sofa so his ass is sticking straight into the air, totally exposed to her. She takes a big rubber dildo and starts pushing it into his anus making him cry out as she does so. He takes it all and she starts fucking him with the dildo in several positions. To finish off her newly-created bitch, the mistress puts on her strapon and bends him over for a proper sissy boy ass-fucking. His humiliation is complete when she sits on the sofa and makes him impale himself on her strapon, wanking his dick at the same time until he spunks all over her legs.
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