London Lix - Desperate To See Me Naked

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Description: Your dick gets so hard for me in these tiny little bikinis, doesn’t it? It’s not often that you get to see a woman so exposed. It’s not often that you get to stroke whilst enjoying so much flesh, so soak it in. Tease your dick as I pour oil all over my tight curves. My big tits, peachy ass, long legs…you’re just loving watching that pussy get drenched and wet as I dirty talk to you, aren’t you? I mindfuck you into submission, explaining why I really don’t think it’s a good idea that I show you my pussy, given that you’re an innocent little virgin. Don’t you think it’d ruin your ‘sex life’, remove all of the excitement and anticipation from what is currently so sacred? Do you really want to earn my nudity today? I’ll give you a few tasks to complete if you do…but I’m telling you…I can be very persuasive…and even as I peel off my slingshot bikini to reveal my tits, even as I drop my thong, fully nude in front of you, you might find yourself looking away, wanting to retain your innocence after all…
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