Goddess Heidi - Virtuality

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Description: I am creating a virtual reality within your computer screen...be careful, you might get sucked into the vortex. This virtual reality will become your ONLY reality, it will become your Virtuality. Virtuality is so much better than your actual reality, and the truth is...when you are outside of My virtuality, you are completely unhappy and have no purpose in life. And even if you don't really matter to Me at all, when you come into My Virtuality, you find your purpose in life. There is really no point in existing at all, if you're existing outside of the Virtuality. When you leave behind your actuality and fully embrace the Virtuality, you finally feel whole..you finally can submit yourself entirely to Goddess Heidi. Even a few moments in My virtuality, will change your life permanently and will alter the way you perceive the world around you..chronic exposure will condition your sensibilities. Soon the real world, won't really matter at all....