Miss Cherry Vee - I Take Your Cash Because You Need Me To

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Description: You cant get enough of my sexy, perfect body. When I tease you with it, you just feel this compulsion to buy me things. Its almost a natural feeling for you. My body is so perfect you cant help but give me your money. Your money is the only thing youre good for, and you know it. So you spend to prove your worth, you spend because it makes your cock rock hard. Its almost you like you enjoy blowing your cash more than I enjoy taking it from you. I do this for you. I take it from you because you need me to. You should really be thanking me.And I dont need your money, I just want it because its so easy to take it from you. You practically beg me. In fact, I rarely take money from losers unless they beg me. All I have to do is let you indulge in my perfect body and you just want to give me your money. You know youre inadequate in every way and this is the only way you can make up for it. You cant change what a fucked up loser you are, but you can change the size of your bank account. You can watch it decrease as the size of your hard on increases.My body is making you broke. You keep paying and paying and soon you wont be able to give me the amounts that I deserve. And thats when I stop paying attention to you, isnt it loser? So youre going to do whatever you have to, to pay me because you need to see my perfect body. I love toying with stupid fucking up pay pigs like you. Youre so lucky I even let you worship me, arent you?I dont have to make these clips for a loser like you to look at me. But yet I do, to fuck with your head and keep you spending beyond your means. Isnt that nice of me? I mean you dont want me to stop, do you? I know you want to give me all of your money. Dont be scared that your bank account isnt big enough, just keep paying loser, pay until it hurts. You need to pay my body, I mean just look at it. Stare at it, I know it makes you want to pay. Youre so lucky to be allowed to give me your money, arent you piggy?
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