Princess Lexie - Too Stupid to Stop

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Description: Just get a look at these sexy, tight, shiny leggings. Don’t they make you sooo stupid? Don’t they make your brain get all mushy and dumb? Hahaha…I know they do. You’re just so stupid every time you see Me on your screen. I’m your drug of choice, like heroin going into your bloodstream. And you make some pretty bad decisions when it comes to Me, don’t you? I make you spend all of your money on Me, I make you dedicate all of your time to worshipping Me and jerking off to Me. And sometimes you think to yourself, “Oh no, this Femdom stuff isn’t good for me, I should probably try to stop…” lolol but we both know that’s just ridiculous! Because one look at Me and you become way too stupid to ever stop.
Categories: Femdom POV
Pornstars: Princess Lexie