Cameron Dee - Desperate Cuck Fucks Pantyhose

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Description: Cameron is finally going to let her cuck out of chastity. He is so grateful to get the chance to cum. Cameron orders the cuck to his knees. She tells him to start stroking. When the cuck is hard enough Cameron tells him to fuck her calves. The cuck is so eager. The cuck fucks her pantyhose while licking her ass. “What kind of loser fucks someone’s legs?” She asks. Cameron allows her desperate cuck to hump her leg. She gives him 30 seconds to “hurry up and cum.” The cuck furiously strokes himself. If he can’t cum in 30 seconds, he won’t get to cum at all. Cameron starts counting. He can’t cheat by touching himself. He has to cum from leg humping. He tries so hard. He is so close. Time is up. The cuck can’t cum. He has missed his opportunity. The cuck has to go back into chastity. Maybe next month he will get another chance. Cameron reminds the cuck that she still has a chance to cum. She positions the cuck so that she can ride its face. “You’re way too selfish, anyways.” She tells the cuck. "You should be focusing on my orgasms, not yours."
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